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Hello everyone!
My name is Frankie, I am in art school and I have come up with designs for a great video game.

Above is the inspiration for the game, and is also the main character, Elio.

The story (very quickly) is going to be that Elio has many missions to go on in order to further his goal of becomming a superhero! The gamer will have to get Elio (or their own character) through all of his missions and once they are completed, will go on superhero adventures with Elio. Each gamer will be able to customize their own character, and this is where many of my complications come in...

I have created all of the designs for the game, however, I do not know how to code and market it. Therefore, I will have to hire someone to do these things for me, which is rather expensive.

Any contributions will be greatly appreciated,
Help me make this dream a reality!

Frankie Canaparo




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